“ServisHero” – A Mobile Application Developed by Thai Startup That Won “ITU Telecom World Awards 2016” Promoting Online Service

A total of 35 SME entrepreneurs with outstanding innovations were presented with awards at the “ITU Telecom World Awards 2016” ceremony which took place on the last day of the ITU Telecom World 2016 event organized by NBTC at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani. The first-prize award was presented to ServisHero Co., Ltd., which is the provider of “ServisHero” application for finding technicians, housemaids and other services. Launched in March 2016, this application was developed by a company that was formerly based in Malaysia and Singapore before expanding its business base to Thailand.    

Today, “ServisHero” application is widely used among various professions covering over 36 companies. This includes housemaid service, air-conditioning maintenance service and general contractors who also operate retail service apart from its core business. The application allows service providers and service users can make online contact and even guarantees consumer safety by requiring document registration from every service provider in order to confirm their identity to prevent frauds or crimes.    

“ServisHero” was first introduced in Thailand in March 2016 with only 10 employees. Today, around 30,000 jobs had been employed through this application which accounted to over Bt 20 million in value or around 20% growth since the company was founded. The most widely requested professions are housemaids and contractors. The company expects to reach its new target of 100,000 employments via “ServisHero” application by the year 2018 and plans to expand its service coverage to Chiang Mai, Phuket, Khon Kaen and Prachuab Khiri Khan provinces in addition to Bangkok and Metropolitan Area.

Other two award-winning companies included Anywhere 2 Go Co., Ltd. and a former production house like Pro-Toy Co., Ltd. The first is the provider of “Claim Di” application which acts as a medium for consumers to request for service or claim insurance from insurance companies in the even of road accidents such as car crash by allowing them to instantly send images to the insurance company via Smartphone device using the application. At the same time, insurance officers which are usually part-time motorcycle taxi or messenger who had been properly trained can quickly report to the incident site. Currently, over 30 insurance companies use this application.   

Pro-Toy Co., Ltd., on the other hand, is the inventor of Matrix Suit (Multi Camera Control) which is still new to Thai society, especially when the growth of content development businesses within the country remains relatively low.

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