Mr. Rienchai Riewwilaisook

Mr. Rienchai Riewwilaisook

National Telecommunications Commissioner

Date of Birth: 6 June 1944

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology (1971) 
  • Master of Engineering in Electrical Communication, Chulalongkorn University (1977)
  • License for Engineering Profession, Engineer Level in Electrical Communication
Work Experience
  • Head of Radio Frequency Assignment Division, Post & Telegraph Department (1986)
  • Radio Director of the Bureau of Frequency Management, Post & Telegraph Department (1990)
  • Deputy Director-General, Post & Telegraph Department (1997)
  • Director-General, Post & Telegraph Department (2003 - 2004)
          Vision on the NTC: The late appointment of NTC has led to a stumble in the growth of our country’s telecommunications services. Our country was lacking investment in telecommunications services whereas foreign investors have been contacting the Post & Telegraph Department to introduce new services. Unfortunately, we were unable to grant the licenses because the NTC was not appointed at the time. As a result, that loss of opportunity has stalled our economy. If there had been good development progress, the economy would have grown at 8 to 9 percent per year rather than the estimate of 6 percent.

         The late establishment of NTC has prevented new services in the market, heightened service charges, and caused an unsustainable pricing structure. Moreover, there has been little investment expansion in telecommunications infrastructure due to lack of funding as well as little development in telephone and radio networks. And most importantly, our competitiveness has significantly declined. We used to be the Fifth Asian Tiger after Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

          The establishment of the NTC will become a mechanism for Thailand to advance to the same level with other countries. The agency would be the main driving force which can promote free and fair competition, allowing Thai people to have good services at fair prices. This is the picture that we hope to see from the NTC.

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