Monitoring and Evaluation

The monitoring and evaluation of BTFP funded projects can be divided into two following levels as defined by BTFP Fund Management Committee:

Level 1 – This level mainly focuses on following up on the progress of each project by the Inspection Committee which is made up of qualified members selected from both internal or external parties. The Inspection Committee shall be responsible for checking operational progress from handover documentations submitted during each operational stage as well as quarterly and annual progress reports. The applicants are required to submit these documents in accordance with the agreed contract terms and conditions. In addition, the Inspection Committee shall also conduct field inspection in order to monitor on-site progress by focusing on ensuring that all activities are carried out in accordance with the operational plan stipulated in the funding contract.      

Level 2 - This level involves the appointment of a Sub-Committee to be responsible for monitoring and evaluating each funded project and ensuring that all expenditures are in compliance with BTFP objectives to ensure optimal efficiency and consistency with the defined operational plan. Members of the appointed Sub-Committee shall include Director of National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) who is also a member of BTFP Fund Management Committee being the Chairman of the Sub-Committee, including four directors by position and qualified members from government agencies with specialization and experiences in performance monitoring and evaluation.    

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