BTFP Roles and Duties

To ensure that BTFP operations are efficiently carried out and consistent with the current situations, BTFP Fund Management Committee have therefore determined the following vision and mission for supporting all BTFP assignments, activities and projects in order to fulfill the set up objectives as follows:


To be a mechanism in driving and supporting universal, fair and transparent access to broadcasting and telecommunications services for public interest, including strengthening local community and entrepreneurs, promoting standard improvement of the industry and related industries and developing relevant personnel to ensure they meet the professional and ethical standards.

  1. To efficiently manage and appropriate BTFP fund in order to ensure general public’s accessibility to the broadcasting and telecommunications services, including promoting communication resources development, supporting research and development, updating latest trends on frequency spectrum technology, information technology and technology for aiding the disabled, the elderly and the underprivileged as well as current trends in telecommunication industry and ongoing industry, conducting personnel development in relation to broadcasting and telecommunications services and information technology, supporting the operations of organizations responsible for setting up professional ethics standard as per the law concerning broadcasting and television, providing consumer protection in relation to broadcasting and telecommunications services and ensuring compliance with the law concerning Safe and Creative Media Development Fund to guarantee optimal efficiency, all of which must be done under the approval of NBTC.
  2. To give advice and suggestions to NBTC in relation to the management and appropriation of BTFP fund.
  3. To monitor and evaluate projects appropriated with BTFP fund.
  4. To disclose information to general public in relation to BTFP appropriations of fund and related performance via NBTC electronic media.
  5. To oversee works in relation to maintenance, expenditures, accounting and account system, financial reporting and conducting financial and accounting audit to ensure transparency and verifiability.  

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